About Me

Presently working as a ‘Freelance Consultant’ for various National & International Organizations.
Presently working as Freelance Techno commercial Consultant for various National & International Organizations. Worked in the field of Water treatment technologies,

product development, component bourcing, business evelopment, and regulatory research related to water purifiers in specific countries for launch. Due to contacts with researchers/academicians, I can source the new technologies and successfully deploy for pilot and large scale manufacturing. Business & Technology development is my major strength related to water purifiers with my technical knowledge and M.B.A background. Project advisor for ICCW (International Centre for Clean Water), IITM, Chennai. Expert Panel Member at ASCI (Advertisement Standards Council of India). Senior Technical Consultant for Safe Water Network India.

Established Water Certification business for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) at Bangalore, I had started water business right from scratch and developed business in Asia and established a world class water testing and certification Laboratory which was accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by NABL. Developed a team of people for sales and business development and laboratory personal for execution of the projects. Well-coordinated with the Global team for developing business in India, which is new to UL. Developed the customer data base and business model for water testing and certification in India. Most of the water purifier manufacturers became UL clients in India based on our quality of work.

Worked on water treatment technologies like  UV Resin UF NF R.O FO Nano technology CDI etc.

Scope of work:

Worked/working as consultant/technical advisor for the following companies:



Development of water treatment process for various requirements of POU & POE for drinking water applications. Conceptualized and developed water purification systems of various sizes using UF, RO, UV, etc. technologies. Associated in development of nano materials and developed a manufacturing facility in industrial scale up to 4 tons per months of production.


Waste water from industries and the impacts is part of my Ph.D work. Studied the industrial effluents of various industries and impact on ground water quality. In my previous companies (Sanmar Specialty Chemicals, Givaudan), I was taking care of the ndustrial effluent treatment. At Sparkklean Pvt Ltd, a chemical manufacturing unit in Bangalore, implemented a ZLD concept for waste water treatment and successfully working for the last 5 years. Presently working for one project on the waste water treatment for Cottage Cheese industry in Chennai.


Conversant with the technologies used for STP. During Water Audits, suggested modifications of the existing STPs and implemented for better treatment. Usage of UF & RO technologies for STP, which will provide the water recycling and reuse. Recently done water audits at 5 locations of Lucas – TVS, where STP is major concerns and suggested the modifications for better treated water quality. Familiar with conventional treatment methods like aerobic & anaerobic treatment process and advanced MBR process, SBR technologies.